Universo Marino has for years been a major media player in the US on everything related to the sea... scuba diving, boating, sea sports and ecology with the publication of hundreds of articles and videos and with partnerships in many events.

The group's President, Manuel Rodriguez Leston, and Vice President, Isabel Rodriguez Leston, chose to support The Crossing 2017 financially and through the media by regularly writing articles and by arranging contacts for The Crossing 2017 with American television and radio stations using their extensive network. Universo Marino is also in charge of the Crossing 2017 & 2018 organisation

TYR Sport was created in 1985 by Joseph DiLorenzo, a swimwear manufacturer, and Steve Furniss (1972 Olympic Bronze Medal winner and captain of the ‘76 U.S.A. Olympic Swim Team). They named their company TYR after the Norse god of courage, law, bravery and war.

TYR Sport, Inc. is an American manufacturer of competitive swim and triathlon apparel and gear. The company also focuses on water polo, aquatic fitness, recreational swimming and more.

Tyr Sport is the official retailer of the Crossing 2017 and the USA Triathlon National Team and British National Swimming Team. 

Sharkbanz are a convenient shark deterrent for the beachgoer, swimmer, and surfer.

Created by surfers and divers and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, Sharkbanz use patented magnetic technology to interfere with sharks' sensitive electroreceptors.

Sharkbanz do not harm sharks or other sea creatures, use no batteries, require no charging, and are designed to endure the most rigorous water sports.

Sharkbanz will protect Nino and his team in the very dangerous strait of Florida.


Listening to your body is one thing, understanding what it is telling you is a different story. That is where Polar can help. By measuring your Heart Rate at rest and while you are training Polar products help you to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are getting active, want to improve your fitness or are looking to maximize your performance, Polar has a product that is right for you. Polar's unique features help you to plan, train and analyze your exercise and is something they have been doing since 1977 when they invented ground breaking solutions for Heart Rate Training.

Polar solutions will help Nino during his crossing.

Localanque is a boat rental service with Skipper offering one of the largest selection of boats in Marseille, Provence, South of France.

You can discover the harbor of Marseille or the Calanques, on different predefined routes, or according to your choice, à la carte.

A team led by skipper Yannick Long, a true local personality, passionate and charming.

Localanque was our major partner during our four first preparatory challenges. 


Power Break is a French brand offering a whole new innovative concept. A complete automatic distribution solution for fitness and sport centers... with the creation of fresh protein drinks on demand (non-doping drinks, made in France), protein snacks & energy drinks, sports accessories & care products.

Power Break is contributing financially to The Crossing 2017-2018 organization.

Swim Secure® products are designed for open water swimmers to BE SAFER. BE SEEN as well as providing waterproof storage during your swim.

Swim Secure® products are used by competent swimmers to increase visibility in the open water. They are suitable for use by open water swimmers, triathletes, recreational swimmers...

The Tarraco Swimming Club was founded on October 23, 1963 and is installed in the upper part of the city of Tarragona, in one of the historical places, in the area of the Roman walls that faces the Passeig Torroja..

Club Natació Tàrraco is an outstanding sports entity in the city of Tarragona, which has about 3,200 members, 200 of which federated in swimming and water polo.

The Club welcomes Nino during his training sessions in Spain.


Do you like sports, nature? So no hesitation, like Nino, stay in the thermal spa of Evaux les Bains in France for your physical preparation and take advantage of C.N.E.B installations (Evaux les Bains Nautical Center) and its triathlon club.

The city and the club have welcomed Nino several times for training before international competitions

The ultimate change robe and towel changing robe, warm changing for all sports enthusiasts, watersports and outdoor activities.

When a towel robe just ain't enough. You need the Original & the Best outdoor changing robe!

 Delirium Tremens is a Belgian beer, brewed by the brewery Huyghe in Melle, founded in 1654. In 1997, she was crowned world beer champion by the American beer hunter Stuart A. Kallen. This distinction was confirmed the following year by a gold medal won at the Chicago World Beer Championship!

Delirium Tremens financially supports Nino and The Crossing 2017-2018. (Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, drink responsibly)



Become a privileged partner of an outstanding sporting event,both symbolic and charitable, with international media coverage