Born in 1962 in the Vedado district, only 50 meters from the famous Malecon of Havana, he has been fascinated since his early youth by nature, the sea and marine wildlife.


At 5 years of age, due to frequent asthma attacks and pursuant to doctor’s advice, Nino began swimming in the swimming pool of a club in the Cuban capital.


At the same time he made his first plunges into the sea and, at 9 years of age, he began free diving. Quickly he began passing the same amount of time at sea as at school, which were separated by only 200 meters.


At the age of 12, he moved from swimming to water polo.


In 1986 he graduated from the Faculty of Biology of The University of Havana.


During his 5 years there, he represented the University in numerous competitions and was a member of Havana’s team in the water polo national championships.

After his studies he began working at the Hotel Colony on an island in the south of Cuba, at the first and foremost International Dive Center of Cuba, where various underwater photograph competitions were organized (4th World Championships of Underwater Photography) due to the excellent state of preservation of the sea bed there, which was a protected and incredible nature reserve.


It was during this period, thanks to his scuba and free diving activities,  that his deep interest in the sea and its protection was reaffirmed.


His character, his strength, his will, his versatility and his perpetual desire  to always push ahead were forged by his experiences with nature,  other divers and adverse weather conditions.


His rebel and nonconformist character leads him to attempt new challenges while always seeking perfection, which is, along with his great love for nature, one of his big virtues. This makes a challenge such as The Crossing ultimately predictable!


Jordy Palou (Spain)

Assistance Team in the Water / Final Challenge 2017


Cayetano Garcia Yebra (USA)

Assistance Team in the Water / Final Challenge 2017

Miami Beach lifeguard

Pepin Fernandez (USA)

Assistance Team in the Water / Final Challenge 2017

World Class Diver & Team Captain USA World Team

Jose Acosta (USA)

Boat Team / Final Challenge 2017

Photos & Videos

Dan Carballo (USA)

Boat Captain / Final Challenge 2017

Isabel Rodriguez Leston (USA)

Assitance Operational Project Manager in United States / Final Challenge 2017-2018

Marlene Acosta (USA)

Nurse / Final Challenge 2017

Eduardo Nieto Misas (Spain)

Operational Project Manager in Europe

With a degree in Marine Biology from the University of Havana,  Eduardo started his career at the ministry of the Cuban Tourism and participated in research for tourism development and nature conservation. At the same time  he joined the Speleological Society of Cuba and became an instructor of high-level diving. He has participated in several national and international exploratory and scientific expeditions. He has also organized events leading to various world records for several free diving champions, such as Pipin Ferreras and Deborah Andollo.

Alberto Mojeron (Spain)

Swiming Coach, Assistance Team in the Water for preparatory Challenges in Europe

David Galiano Martinez (Spain)

Assistance Team in the Water during preparatory challenges

David is a specialist in scuba diving and other underwater activities. He is a dive instructor and skipper of both motorboats and sailboats. He has conducted expeditions in various regions of the globe (The Caribbean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Pacific). During The Crossing 2017, David was in the water with Nino during preparatory challenges in Europe..

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Captain Manuel Rodriguez-Leston (USA)

Event organisation, Public & Media Relations, Operational Project Manager in United States

Erick M. Salado (USA)

Doctor & Assistant Team in the water / Final Challenge 2017

Orthopedic Surgeon at South Florida Bone & Joint Institute, Doctor of the USA Spearfishing Team

Dominique Milherou (France)

Manager of Communication, Photos & Videos

Director of communications of Petit Carnet Agency in Marseille since 2012, Dominique was previously a journalist in Paris with the Vivendi group (wining a 2nd place award for the best report of the year of the professional press). He has also served for over 10 years as Multimedia Communication Director in a leading Parisian tourism group, covering 15 brand names. He has been supporting Nino in his communications and projects for 9 years.


Doris L. Speer (USA lives in Paris)

Manager of Legal Affairs

Doris is a seasoned New York attorney with more than 25 years of experience. She started her career in New York City at the “Wall Street” law firm Shearman & Sterling, handing M&A and corporate finance matters.  She came to Paris with the ALSTOM Group in 2004, where she was Deputy General Counsel, Business Transactions with global responsibility for all legal aspects of its M&A activity, and where she earned an Executive MBA at the Paris business school HEC. She support Nino in all legal aspects of the project.  

Sylvie Caudrillier (France) 

Chiropractor during training & preparatory challenges in Europe

A chiropractor for 25 years, Sylvie has monitored and prepared international level athletes for 9 years (swimmers, tri-athletes, athletes and cyclists). Sylvie became a certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner in 2014, and is about to obtain a university degree for preventive care of athletes. She is passionate about nature.  Sylvie tracks Nino since 2 years and she is a valuable asset to our team.

Tania Perez (Spain)

Coordinator in Spain during preparatory challenges

Valérie Liébart (France)

Public Relations in France

Vanessa Linsley, Boris Fernandez, Angel Yanagihara, Wiky Orjales... (USA)

Experts for The Crossing 2017-2018 organisation

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